MJ's Academy of Dance

Calendar of Classes and Events

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Costume Balance Due  - March 2nd
Bring a Friend Week - March 7th-March 10th
State Baton Competition - March 12th
Spring Break - March 14th-March 18th
Family Recital Fee ($25) - April 1st
Recital Pictures - March 28th-April 2nd
Showstopper Competition - April 8th-10th
Team Auditions - April 23rd
Inspire Dance Competition - May 6th-8th
Parents' Show-Off Week - May 9th-12th
Recital Rehearsal Weeks - May 13th-May 31st
Recital Dress Rehearsals (Bama Theatre) - June 1st-2nd
Recitals (Bama Theatre) - June 3rd-4th