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Welcome to MJ's Academy of Dance

We want your child to have an educational and fun experience, and no matter what her dance level, she should feel beautiful! From beginners who want to experience their love of movement to the advanced student who wants to develop skills for the professional level, MJ's Academy of Dance has something to offer.  Positive reinforcement is used in every class so that any activity at MJ's is a pleasant and rewarding experience.

Every class begins with a smile and ends with your dancer feeling proud of herself and her accomplishments! We pride ourselves in our slogan "MJ's...where the best keep getting better!" From the Baby Ballerinas to the Company dancer, our quality dance education extends far beyond the class or dance recital - it builds grade, self-esteem and self-discipline, strength, musicality, and courage.  With small classes that allow advancement as needed, we are able to nurture and develop individual traits and abilities.

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